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Winner’s Circle

    In this episode of Willing 2 Win, Jeff and Tara share tangible ways to create your personal Winner’s Circle strategically. This episode builds on the previous Willing 2 Win episode: The People Plan and gives you specific ways to create a success plan that leverages those relationships. This is more than just the people you know. Rather it’s a programmatic approach to relationship building to maximize those relationships for mutual success. Your Winner’s Circle offers the opportunity to achieve great success, share your strategies, and get feedback from others to achieve your dreams.

    Regardless of your station in life or where you are from, mapping your Winner’s Circle will help you chase and realize your dreams.

    Plus, hear from Cherie Kabba, a former journalist running The Soultown Magazine. Cherie Chillin’ Kabba is an award-winning spoken word artist. Currently, she is a Google Cloud Fellow, a Fellow for The Clubhouse Network, the Innovative Extraordinaire for The Soultown Magazine, and a Technology Director for the Boys & Girls Club in the Bay Area.

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