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    You have a choice – embrace change now or feel blindsided when it hits. Change can feel like walking point to point through time, from then to now, without ever experiencing the time in between. You’re left asking yourself, when did this happen?

    Think about a transcontinental flight. You wake up on the other side of the world, having flown across the Atlantic while you slept. The time, intelligence, focus, effort, and other resources are necessary to make that overnight trip, and it’s something people do every day. Change is like reading the news to learn that everyday people have become the first group of everyday astronauts. The first to successfully visit the stars and return home, and you realize that you’re witnessing a bold new chapter in the history of humanity.

    But what happens when change impacts a single family, a single person? Join us as we help each other cope with future shock and go forth into a world that threatens to rewrite reality in the blink of an eye.

    The future starts now.

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