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The People Plan

    Most of us believe in the idea of luck – that some people are just lucky, and others aren’t. But what if there was a way to control the future of your career? To make sure that you’re the one who always has good fortune? In this episode, Jeff and Tara talk about the secret to creating replicable outcomes from your good luck.

    You’re going to be in your career for 40+ hours a week, 52 weeks a year, for 40 years of your life. That’s over 80,000 hours of your future committed to this thing called work. To truly take control of your future, you need a plan, specifically, a People Plan. Your People Plan is more than just sales targets; instead, these are the people that you’re going to try to engage with to create the future of your dreams and help because it’s mutual support for mutual success.

    Hear from Don Davey, a former NFL player who speaks about how he made a plan for life after football to ensure long-term success.

    Plus, learn from Dr. Jared Smith, a superintendent in the Midwest and a recent author, about putting a lot of your insight from your on-the-job experience out there to engage with others.

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