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Second Day

    The future is coming at us fast, and we need to take action now, or else it will be too late. In this first episode of a five-part series on how you can make your life better in the New Year (or any time!), Jeff & Tara focus entirely on YOU: what does success look like for someone who wants more out of their future career. You’ll learn how to overcome imposter syndrome-that persistent feeling that no matter how much hard work you do, something remains elusive. Hear from the co-creator of Orange Theory Fitness, Ellen Latham, about finding a way to take being fired at 40 and turn it into a fitness revolution. Plus, a special interview with Canadian Javelin Thrower Liz Gleadle, who represents Canada in several Olympic games. Liz talks about what it takes to understand the depths and joy of mastery of something.

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