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Your Personal Brand

    In this episode of Willing 2 Win, Jeff and Tara discuss the importance of personal branding and developing an authentic voice. Learn how to be your authentic self and why that matters as you build your Winner’s Circle network. Use your brand to find those who are like-minded, honestly care and will help propel your career to success.

    Developing a personal brand is key to career success in today’s world. When you put your authentic self out there, both at home and at work, you create a cohesive personal and professional identity. Personal branding allows you to intermingle your personal and professional relationships throughout your life. Hear from Latoya Laing, an Attorney leading the charge on being her authentic self at home, online and at work. Plus, a special interview with Cynthia Johnson, Bell + Ivy CEO, on the importance of strategically crafting your brand.

    Watch this episode of Willing 2 Win to learn more about your brand and what that means to your future. Have questions or want to learn more? Connect with us at

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