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My Blue Car

    Today’s the day – you’re heading out to buy your brand-new car. It’s on me! Anything you want. The world is your oyster.

    What does your car look like? There’s a lot to consider. When we can theoretically have anything we want, we start dreaming about what that car is and what it has. But when we start the process, we may not have any idea of what we want at all.

    So we start with the basics – the shape and the color. A red SUV, a yellow sedan, maybe a green truck. Then we think about all the add-ons, and what the wheels look like and all your other options until you have My Blue Car.

    This car has all the options that are 100% YOU. This is the you-mobile! It’s perfect for you, so you negotiate for a fair price. And once you drive it off the lot, two things happen:

    The first thing is that your car is now worth 40% less than it was when it was still on the lot.

    But the second thing, you’re admiring your blue car – your you-mobile – and all of the options you picked out to make this car uniquely yours, and as you roll up to the stop light you look to your left and there’s a car that looks just like the one you picked out.

    When you get home, you realize your neighbor three doors down has that car and you didn’t even notice it. So does your neighbor on the other side. Suddenly, it feels like every other car is a replica of your custom you-mobile.

    This is exactly how opportunity works. We may think that we don’t have opportunities, but what we actually don’t have is a description of what it is we want. And we haven’t shared that description with others, so it becomes the blue car that everybody sees on the street.

    Then anybody you know, who cares enough about you to know what it is that you want and who remembers what you want and is willing to act on your behalf, can go out into the world and act on your behalf when you’re not around, which is a really exciting concept.

    My Blue Car is the commitment that you’re going to share with the world what your dreams are, because the world is going to come back with more opportunities for you than if you kept them a secret.