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Keeping Your Flame Lit

    We all have self-doubt and insecurities, and they can rise to the surface at any moment. When those moments happen, they can derail our ability to move forward in a positive direction for our lives and careers.

    We had an opportunity to talk with a woman from Florida with an incredible story, Ellen Latham, who just recently was down and out. Let’s find out how she went from being fired from her job to co-founding a billion-dollar company: Orangetheory Fitness.

    Tara Thomas-Gettman
    When you think about just your passion, why is it so important that we align our passions with our careers and our work pursuits? Clearly, that set you up for phenomenal success.

    Ellen Latham
    As human beings, we only have so much energy to give. We’re all looking for our passion that keeps your flame lit. I was so fortunate to have a father that was a football coach and physical education teacher at my local high school. He was very passionate about what he did in life. He told me from a young age, “Make sure whatever your path in life is, that you have a great passion for it. You’re going to spend a lot of time, effort, and a lot of energy on it. Especially on those exhausting days and moments, you’re going to want to have something that’s keeping that flame lit because when the flame goes out, you really become lost in life.”

    And he said, “I’ve been so fortunate to be able to continue coaching through all the decades of my life and teaching physical education.” But did he make a ton of money? No. But this man absolutely worked with his flame lit. That was something that I saw and said, “I must make sure that I do that as well.”

    Tara Thomas-Gettman
    When we think about any kind of industry, even the franchising world, there are a lot of male executives and a lot of male leadership. Yet, here you are, having incredible success as a woman. What is your advice specific to women about taking on those big jobs and not being intimidated by the boy’s club?

    Ellen Latham
    Let’s face it – it is a boy’s club. And I was very fortunate that my partners, who are men, were unbelievably respectful, but I had to earn that.

    You have to be confident. You have to walk in with phenomenal posture, with your shoulders back and up. You must have a voice that projects confidently. I feel those are just little physical things that work very well because I come from the physical fitness world.