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The Most Important Realization You’ll Have

    The whole idea of Willing 2 Win is that the world around us is created with a lot of structure.

    Sometimes people feel as if that structure was created to keep us down or keep us out and make sure those who have power maintain that power or maintain control. At Willing 2 Win, we’ve never met those evil corporate overlords. Most of the time, people really are trying to do the right thing for their company, their team and their employees. However, sometimes that vision gets lost. We’re trying to figure out, with all these new opportunities that change presents, how we break that down and create new opportunities for us.

    The first part for us is to take advantage of this opportunity that starts within us: realize that you have great power. The thing that is your first step, if you really want to be successful in the new year, is to realize that your opinion matters, your voice matters, and you matter. For a lot of people, that is a tricky thing. But think about this – think about the day you were born. Remember the actual moment you were born.

    From the moment you were born, you opened your eyes. You started to see the world in a way through a set of eyes that never existed before you experienced life.

    For however long you’ve been on this planet, you’ve experienced it in a way that no one else has ever experienced before. That makes you a unique and rich asset that can be used in any number of ways that you choose to apply it. How are you going to apply that asset?

    Remember that as you think about yourself and as you think about yourself relative to others, you have the very same rights as anybody else on this planet. We’re all born into the same world, and we all have the same opportunities to change our lives.