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Everybody Sells

    In this episode of Willing 2 Win, Jeff and Tara discuss the profession everyone loves to hate. Do salespeople sell, or do customers buy? We’ve asked this question to hundreds of salespeople around the globe and here’s the consensus: Nobody likes to be sold and no one wants to sell. So how do we create win-win situations that benefit us all? Realizing that a sale should be much more than a transactional experience, we need to reinvent the process to make it more equitable for everyone involved. The fact is, every part of our lives is sales. Looking for a new job? You’re in sales. Want a promotion? Sharpen those sales skills. Dating or married? It’s all sales. What we used to think of as a slimy profession is nothing more than figuring out how to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Business leaders just need to be reminded of that.

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